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  • Advanced Care Dentistry - Woodinville, WA


At Advanced Care Dentistry, we strive to provide our patients with not only the best care but also to make each visit as comfortable as possible.


CEREC is the most preferred CAD/CAM technology used by dentists everywhere. In just one office visit you can have your tooth/implant fully restored and looking like new. CEREC treatments do not use any metal products; instead CEREC uses a ceramic, tooth-colored material that helps restore your teeth back to their natural look and composition.  At Advanced Care Dentistry, we use the revolutionary E-Max material. It is three times stronger than the traditional all-ceramic crown or the metal ceramic crown and we are one of the only offices to offer a 5 year warranty with continuing care visits.

Oral Cancer Screening

We are excited to use the Identafi™ 3000, a revolutionary new medical device that uses 3 unique wavelengths of light to identify changes in the cells of your mouth, throat, tongue and tonsils. These changes can often go undetected by the naked eye, but are made visible through the use of Identafi’s™ special light waves. These special light waves illuminate possible areas of change that may signal the occurrence, or early beginnings, of oral cancer. Early detection means early treatment and a cure rate of over 80%.

Digital X-ray

We use digital sensors to take x-rays of your mouth. These sensors use significantly less radiation yet produce highly detailed images that are transferred instantly to our computer. We can magnify and rotate these images to best explain any issues behind your dental health.

Diode Laser

Diode lasers are used for performing surgery on soft tissue in the mouth, cleaning and whitening teeth, removing plaque, sterilizing the mouth during procedures and treating gum disease.

Intra-Oral Camera

So that you are able to get a close view of and understand the condition of your dental health, we use handheld cameras to take magnified and detailed photos. These photos can be displayed on our computer screens and TV monitors so that you are able to be an active participant in your treatment.

PRGF – Plasma Rich in Growth Factors

PRGF is the latest technology in bone and tissue regeneration and can be used in procedures such as gum surgery, extractions, bone grafting and dental implant placement. This process will achieve:

  • Regeneration of bone in post-extraction sites.
  • Regeneration of bone around implants.
  • Regeneration of bone in bony defects.
  • Faster healing, less inflammation, and less discomfort.
  • More predictable results.


We offer many Creature Comforts such as lotion, lip balm, blankets, pillows and full-body massage pads to make your visit with us more comfortable. You can snuggle under a warm blanket while you watch your easily viewable flat screen TV or listen to your favorite music. Each exam room is equipped with an Escient 4-terabyte multimedia system, which you control. The system enables you to choose from an extensive collection of movies, television shows and music. If there is anything we can do to make your visit more comfortable, please ask.


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